After graduating from The University of Oklahoma with a degree in Anthropology, I decided to move to Valencia, Spain to teach English to kids. I’m a first time blogger, but I want to share my experience with friends, family, and anyone else who’s interested! My blog is all about my time in Spain; culture, people, teaching, food, languages, sports, music, traveling, everything!


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  1. I’m asking around to see if other expat bloggers in Valencia are interested in getting together sometime early March (before Fallas). There’s a bunch of us in the area, with whom I’ve interacted online, but not in person. I’ve been floating the idea around on Twitter (nothmngwysspain), but couldn’t find that or an email to contact you at. If you’d like to join in, let me know through twitter or through my email on the right side of my blog. Either way, keep up the great posts!

  2. Hi Eileen,

    I guess you may be interested in my Meetup – check out the decription:

    Valencia Women’s Social is a BRAND NEW group for girlfriends with some kind of INTERNATIONAL background who have a decent level of English. Who are professional, educated, witty and fun. This group seeks diversity, looking for women from all around the world, living in Valencia, Spain.

    This group will provide an opportunity to meet like-minded women, chat about food, our travels and make friends.

    So if you are one of these women and aged around 25-35, feel free to join! The group will mainly have events for girls “only”. Sometimes they can bring their dates, partners or friends (to specific events).

    We want to keep this group small and personal and therefore, we will be selective of members. Please join, if you are seriously looking for what we mentioned above and if you are good with RSVPs.

    Members who do not RSVP (Yes or No) or are inactive will be removed from the group.

    Our usual activities:

    afterwork drinks

    movie nights (selected movies in English at Babel)

    weekend brunches

    some of the great museums Valencia has to offer!

    home based cooking & wine tasting sessions

    Also occasionally we will do:

    live music events

    BBQ in the country-side

    girls night out / pub crawl

    day trips/fun getaways to other towns maybe!

    spa (only at reduced rates when available)

    If you want to join apply here:

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