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My first football match (soccer game for the Americans)


This was my first soccer game, in the Barcelona stadium, Camp Nou. It was awesome! It is interesting to see how the soccer fans go only to watch the action of the game. To them, the game itself is the entertainment. In America, the entertainment is the game, the halftime show, the band, the cheerleaders, the mascots, etc. Granted, American football games last about 3 times as long as the soccer games! Even though I don’t know a lot about soccer, I could see that Barcelona was an amazing team. I even wore the Barcelona scarf to show my support. They beat Levante (the underdog, of course) by 5-0. Which in soccer terms is a blowout. I enjoyed seeing all the fans and the way everyone screamed explicits at the referees and the players. I won’t list these words, but I’m sure you can take a guess as to what they were! Barcelona fans chant “Messi” (their star player) and taunt the other team. There’s even a song that the Barca supporters sing. The whole thing was awesome! I couldn’t believe all the people in the streets before and after the game. I’ve never seen that many people for a sporting event! No, not even an OU football game! Even after the game, there was a line to get into the metro. Not to get on the metro, to simply walk down the stairs and enter the metro, where you have to wait in line to get through the gates and then wait for a train. It was so crazy. All in all, it was a really cool experience! December 10 is the Real Madrid vs Barcelona match, and I plan on watching it with other Barcelona fans. This game is like Oklahoma vs Oklahoma State, only multiplied by 10! So, as the Barcelona fans say, Forca Barca!!